Engagements ?

So, Paul and I talk about our future together a lot, and whenever we talk about it it’s taken for granted that we will be getting married in the near future.
Since we’re catholic, we need to have a minimum of a 6 month engagement.

So the big question is.. If we talk as if we’re getting married this year, it should be coming up right?

And so the wait begins…

On another note, school is going okay. I’m a bit over whelmed, but with the help of my family it hasn’t been unbearable. It’s kind of scary that I don’t know where I’ll be living or where I’m going to college next year, which is surprising given the fact that I usually have everything planned out in my life. I pretty much have to wait until I get a since of where Paul is going to college and base my decisions around that. Hopefully he will know soon.


2 thoughts on “Engagements ?

  1. I don’t mean this in an accusatory way, just curious: do you think he’s ready to be married? Do you think you’re ready to be married? Do you think you’re ready to be married to him?

    I can’t find a way to phrase any of that so it doesn’t sound offensive; it’s not meant to be. It’s not that I don’t think you can be, or that he isn’t, or anything like that. Words are failing me.

  2. It’s scary but I think we are ready. He’s finally decided on a few colleges that work with what I want to do, so I just need to work on applying to a few places. I think that it should be around a year or so from now when we actually would get married, hopefully.

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