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The diversity of community college..

Yesterday after my A&P class I went and sat next to Kayla and her boyfriend George, and Anna like I usually do. We began talking about our classes, just normal chit chat, when Anna said that she was going to get some lunch. Before she left she remarked, “I’m so happy that I have 2 months off of work!”, never before hearing her talk about work, I inquired “Oh, cool, where do you work?” Anna stumbled on her words and made a funny face before saying: ” oh, I work at McDonald’s, it’s horrible” and then quickly left. Kayla, George and I continued talking, and I didn’t think anything of Anna’s remark.

Later that day, Anna friended me on Facebook. Curious about her background I looked at her info.. To my surprise she’s actually 25, 7 years older than the rest of us, and she recently graduated from a prestigious college. Under her employment, It read “government employment, home land security”. I was really surprised at seeing this, why would she lie about working at McDonald’s? Or was it possible that a graduate from this IVY league school was actually working at a fast food restaurant? Then it dawned on me, that she could be working for a classified government agency, and had to lie about it, just like another friend of mine occasionally does.

It’s interesting to realize how diverse community colleges are, you never know who you will meet, they are not all high school drop outs..


Need Direction..

Sometimes I wish divine intervention would point me in the right direction. I’m lost in a sea of nursing programs with various admissions criteria.. I don’t want to make the wrong decision, there is just too many options. It’s hard not knowing where I’ll be living next semester, or where I’m going to school.. I’ve applied to 3 schools, one is far too expensive, the other is too far from where Paul wants to go, and the last Paul is now saying he does not want to move there..

Hoping for some direction soon.. Is it supposed to be this hard to earn a degree in nursing ? :p

Good Sportsmanship

So if I haven’t mentioned before, Paul is a HUGE sports fan. He’s very athletic, participating in almost every sports team throughout middle school and high school. Paul’s family encourages his athleticism as they are all pretty competitive. Almost all of Paul aunts and uncles (mostly on his dad’s side) played college sports, and were apparently very talented. paul’s aunts and uncles were not only competitive in sports, but also in every other aspect in their lives. They are all very successful in their careers, they went to prestigious colleges, and they push themselves to the physical limits to maintain their thin image (his aunts do anyways). Heck, Paul’s grandma even works out daily. WHO’S GRANDMA LIFTS WEIGHTS?! Anyways, I’m going off on a tangent, back to Paul.

Ever since I’ve known Paul, he has aspired to have these same accomplishments. He has very high expectations for his life and wants to be as successful as his family. He strives for perfection in everything that he does. He works towards a 4.0 and is VERY dedicated to his high school sports teams. At this time of year, Paul is focused on wrestling season. Paul started wrestling last year, and I used to really hate the sport. Maybe it’s because it looks like this to me:


Regardless, Im supportive of Paul and if wrestling is something that he’s interested in, then I am. (To some extent) Tonight is regionals so I went out to support him as he attempts to make it to the state competition. Even though Im not as competitive as his family, and Im really not a sportsy type of person, I want paul to succeed and achieve his goals! I went to half of his tournament today, ( I had to get home to Marie ) and he just texted me saying he won 2/3 of his matches today! I’m so proud of him!
For some reason, whenever I watch Paul wrestle the sport appears like this: (He makes it look much more intense and interesting) 😛


A New Game Plan!


As I posted previously, my original plan was to attend the nursing program at a local community college near my parent’s house. I have been working on pre-reqs for that specific program for almost a year, and was pretty much set on going. Until I learned that
1. They are much more exclusive than BSN (schools that have more resources, credentials, and higher pay for graduates).
2. Because I have taken so many health related courses, I could get my BSN in the same amount of time as an associates degree
3. Paul would have to commute from WVU in order to see Marie and I. (a long drive from my home town)

That being said, I have decided to pursue the nursing program at wvu, so Paul and I can go to the same school. This means that we will finally be moving out on our own.. 🙂

I’m a little scared to venture out into the unknown with Paul; we’re so young and we have a baby to also provide for. However, we are eligible for getting a free ride to the school, Paul has a very good job where he can work over summers, and if we need to, we can take out a small student loan for extra expenses. (Which is what pretty much everyone does now a days anyways.) Our plan basically is to come out of college with as little debt as possible, hopefully less than the average college student.

If this means that I’m moving in a few months, I have a lot of work to do :P! Paul and I need to figure out a budget, housing, day care, class schedules, groceries, ect. The biggest priority will be finding a day care learning center for Marie that is up to par with my standards on a budget. I want to find a place that provides a good environment with educational stimulation, social interaction, nutritional food choices, and a place where she’ll just have fun! We have so much to do but I can’t shake the feeling of being excited! I want to chase my dreams; everything seems a little scary, but I’m ready to be on my own! (I hope :p)