A New Game Plan!


As I posted previously, my original plan was to attend the nursing program at a local community college near my parent’s house. I have been working on pre-reqs for that specific program for almost a year, and was pretty much set on going. Until I learned that
1. They are much more exclusive than BSN (schools that have more resources, credentials, and higher pay for graduates).
2. Because I have taken so many health related courses, I could get my BSN in the same amount of time as an associates degree
3. Paul would have to commute from WVU in order to see Marie and I. (a long drive from my home town)

That being said, I have decided to pursue the nursing program at wvu, so Paul and I can go to the same school. This means that we will finally be moving out on our own.. 🙂

I’m a little scared to venture out into the unknown with Paul; we’re so young and we have a baby to also provide for. However, we are eligible for getting a free ride to the school, Paul has a very good job where he can work over summers, and if we need to, we can take out a small student loan for extra expenses. (Which is what pretty much everyone does now a days anyways.) Our plan basically is to come out of college with as little debt as possible, hopefully less than the average college student.

If this means that I’m moving in a few months, I have a lot of work to do :P! Paul and I need to figure out a budget, housing, day care, class schedules, groceries, ect. The biggest priority will be finding a day care learning center for Marie that is up to par with my standards on a budget. I want to find a place that provides a good environment with educational stimulation, social interaction, nutritional food choices, and a place where she’ll just have fun! We have so much to do but I can’t shake the feeling of being excited! I want to chase my dreams; everything seems a little scary, but I’m ready to be on my own! (I hope :p)


2 thoughts on “A New Game Plan!

  1. I remember being anxious to get out on my own – I moved across the country to live with my sister before going to College because I was ready to get out. It’s a huge step, and one that I don’t think anyone is every really prepared for. As long as you can keep your wits about you and you and Paul can work together, you should do alright. You may have to be ready to make sacrifices and compromises on lesser things in order to have the bigger things (like Marie’s daycare) the way you want them. Just keep that in mind. And remember why you’re doing what you’re doing; don’t let school or work or money or debt compromise the things that are really important.

    Heh, I like the “welcome to povery” tag. One of the biggest challenges is getting used to not having the standard of living that our parents have built.

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