The diversity of community college..

Yesterday after my A&P class I went and sat next to Kayla and her boyfriend George, and Anna like I usually do. We began talking about our classes, just normal chit chat, when Anna said that she was going to get some lunch. Before she left she remarked, “I’m so happy that I have 2 months off of work!”, never before hearing her talk about work, I inquired “Oh, cool, where do you work?” Anna stumbled on her words and made a funny face before saying: ” oh, I work at McDonald’s, it’s horrible” and then quickly left. Kayla, George and I continued talking, and I didn’t think anything of Anna’s remark.

Later that day, Anna friended me on Facebook. Curious about her background I looked at her info.. To my surprise she’s actually 25, 7 years older than the rest of us, and she recently graduated from a prestigious college. Under her employment, It read “government employment, home land security”. I was really surprised at seeing this, why would she lie about working at McDonald’s? Or was it possible that a graduate from this IVY league school was actually working at a fast food restaurant? Then it dawned on me, that she could be working for a classified government agency, and had to lie about it, just like another friend of mine occasionally does.

It’s interesting to realize how diverse community colleges are, you never know who you will meet, they are not all high school drop outs..


4 thoughts on “The diversity of community college..

  1. That’s really cool that she’s taking Community College courses. I’ve always wanted to but never have. I’d love to take a course in psychology or sociology or something, especially because I already have a Master’s and real work experience, so I wouldn’t have to fret so much about grades as learning the material.

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