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Good Sportsmanship

So if I haven’t mentioned before, Paul is a HUGE sports fan. He’s very athletic, participating in almost every sports team throughout middle school and high school. Paul’s family encourages his athleticism as they are all pretty competitive. Almost all of Paul aunts and uncles (mostly on his dad’s side) played college sports, and were apparently very talented. paul’s aunts and uncles were not only competitive in sports, but also in every other aspect in their lives. They are all very successful in their careers, they went to prestigious colleges, and they push themselves to the physical limits to maintain their thin image (his aunts do anyways). Heck, Paul’s grandma even works out daily. WHO’S GRANDMA LIFTS WEIGHTS?! Anyways, I’m going off on a tangent, back to Paul.

Ever since I’ve known Paul, he has aspired to have these same accomplishments. He has very high expectations for his life and wants to be as successful as his family. He strives for perfection in everything that he does. He works towards a 4.0 and is VERY dedicated to his high school sports teams. At this time of year, Paul is focused on wrestling season. Paul started wrestling last year, and I used to really hate the sport. Maybe it’s because it looks like this to me:


Regardless, Im supportive of Paul and if wrestling is something that he’s interested in, then I am. (To some extent) Tonight is regionals so I went out to support him as he attempts to make it to the state competition. Even though Im not as competitive as his family, and Im really not a sportsy type of person, I want paul to succeed and achieve his goals! I went to half of his tournament today, ( I had to get home to Marie ) and he just texted me saying he won 2/3 of his matches today! I’m so proud of him!
For some reason, whenever I watch Paul wrestle the sport appears like this: (He makes it look much more intense and interesting) 😛