Returning Home


I’ve been away from my home town for a long time. I recently got married, started classes at a new college, and moved hours away from where I was born. It’s odd that I’ve been gone a few months and that’s the longest I’ve ever been away; that’s either quiet funny or sad. Being away for a while has given me such a different perspective on my home town and the people in it. It’s funny that just a short period of time on you own can make you question so many things, and give you a whole new outlook.

I haven’t kept in touch very well, but then again people haven’t kept in touch with me very well either. I hope that no one takes that as a bad reflection on our friendship..but then again should I take that fact as a bad reflection? Either way, it’ll be nice to see old friends and family again.

Looking back on my old posts is kind of funny, I was so focused on getting into nursing school. Now that I am in a good program, my worries and attention is completely redirected. At least I marked one more thing off my check list, right?

Speaking of checklists…it’s crazy the list I have right now, and the sad thing is it’s not even a christmas shopping list..that at least would be more fun to complete. Nope, it’s immunizations, physicals, TB tests, scholarship applications, admission fees, book search & purchases, ect.

Ah well, it will be worth it in the end, so excited to start my clinical in a real hospital and work with patients.. even if it will be all the dirty work for the first few clinical semesters.

Still deciding if I would like to continue blogging, I suppose it’s a great way to procrastinate (I should be pulling out my flashcards right now) 😛



One thought on “Returning Home

  1. Looks like you changed the layout here, too; it looks nice.

    My experience has been that a better measure of friendship isn’t so much how firmly you keep in touch when you’re apart but how well you get on again when you’ve been in out of touch. So don’t feel too bad if you haven’t heard from your friends in a while, I’m sure things are fine.

    You’re starting clinicals already? I don’t know the first thing about a nursing program so maybe I shouldn’t be surprised, but that seems really quick! Glad things are going well for you.

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